We are two friends looking to intertwine tradition with a new way of life, focused on the well-being of the environment and the progress of artisan communities. Through Kapikua, we share our passion for artisanal techniques of textile craftsmanship that have been passed along from generation to generation offering unique quality pieces and, most importantly, ensuring that there is quality of life for the people that create them.

We are committed to a cleaner production with less impact – less industrial production and waste in our planet.

Get to know us better watching our Kindly Story:

"I fell in love with the artisanal process of textile craftsmanship during a trip with one of my best friends to Guatemala to learn how to weave on back-strap looms with artisans of communities along the shores of Lake Atitlan. I came back to Panama very excited with the idea of learning more about organic fibers, natural dyes and weaving techniques by hand and on back-strap and pedal looms. Months later, I embarked on the adventure of visiting a community of textile artisans in the mountain range of Oaxaca, Mexico. This is where I became passionate about creating a unique product tying the human component with the conservation of the environment."
- Leti
"After 8 years working in fashion, high-end brands and a Masters in fashion marketing in New York, I returned to Panama with a sense of dissatisfaction towards the fashion industry. I considered it destructive to the environment and noticed the negative impact it has on society. Yearning for relief for the world, during my personal metamorphosis, Leti's proposal to create Kapikua comes in perfect timing."
- Ana