The fabric of our Gamma piece is made by hand with organic cotton threads woven on pedal loom. A special technique is used to weave the threads by varying tensions to create the pattern.


The white color comes from natural cotton, without the need to dye.

This piece represents the gamma rays that are released during a supernova or stellar explosion as a symbol of our transition towards new beginnings of light and darkness.

We highlight our Gamma piece with geometric designs representing the duality of human beings, woven by hand using the ancient technique of reverse appliqué Mola. This technique originated from the Guna culture, closely connected to the stars and the spiritual realm.

Like the rest of the piece, the geometric designs come to life with organic cotton fabric woven on loom. Its colors come from indigo plants (blue and green shades), zacatlaxcalli and marigold plants (yellow shades), and cochineal insects (pink and red shades). Cochineal insects reproduce on the nopal cactus and their color is extracted by leaving to dry under sunlight and boiling over wood fire.

Measurements: 125 cms long.

Hand wash with neutral soap and line dry, avoiding direct sunlight.

As part of the artisanal craftsmanship process, slight color variations are possible, as every piece is unique.

Panamanian brand, made in Mexico.